Tuesday, February 6, 2018

bondage camp in the California Sierra mt forrest

sitting around the camp fire

toasting marshmellows around the camp fire. circa 2008

A power exchange with Helena I gladly lost

for a short time Helena and I were roommates in San Francisco in 2005 or 6. I got to play out all sorts of scenerios that had been brewing on my imagination. Here is one

some leftover Helena photos form shooting with her in SF

note my photo I took in Osaka, Japan of a sumo wrestler workout at a beya.

art in my SF bathroom. Helena, Man Ray, Picasso and Jackson Pollack

Helena cant take a lousy photo or can she?

Man Ray, Weegee of Marilyn Monroe and Varga baby girl and Helena in apron


Helena in boots at the toilet

a quiet moment for a beautiful young woman in short white skirt

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Eric Kroll polaroids for sale

I'm selling my one- of- a- kind 665 polaroids shot in the past. I've sold two and they have a SOLD tag on them. They are 2 1/4" square on a black back ground. With each polaroid comes a "backstory" I wrote on the making of the photo and where the image appears like in Leg Show or in one of my books like Eric Kroll's Beauty Parade (TASCHEN 1997). I send it out insured. Best to pay with paypal. It's first come first serviced. $600 each or $800 for two. I'll pay the postage in the US. Anywhere else an additional $20 to be charged. I must get emailed (kroll@well.com) a signed statement that you are over 21 years old

SOLD (@white1977) Chantel smokes with her foot. She appeared in Fetish Girls and in Leg Show

Michelle shows me the crack of her ass. She was in Fetish Girls and in Leg Show magazine

Mistress Saki with submissives. Fetish Girls

me sucking on Samantha's toes with her boyfriend off to the side. Leg Show

Gwen's husband gets disciplined by mistress. The Transformations of Gwen

Kachina eliminates. Leg show and Eric Kroll's Beauty Parade

Michelle climbs on big Ralph's back. Leg Show and Fetish Girls
beautiful Michelle and big Ralph on his knees. Leg Show and Fetish Girls

SOLD @white1977 sisters role play. Eric Kroll's Beauty Parade and Leg Show. 

masturbating with hock. Leg Show Eric Kroll's Beauty Parade

Arizona Alice in Prescott

MIchelle shows me her shaven pussy. Leg Show. Fetish Girls

sample signature on back of polaroid. 

any questions contact me at kroll@well.com. thanks

Monday, January 29, 2018

I remember she cried but in the end it was all good

I met this model through John Running my friend and phtoographer from Flagstaff who recently passed away. There was a misunderstanding about payment but end the end she got what she wanted. Robert Chouraqui was in the house (my mother's Tucson house) and Lystra from LA and some other models.

When I took these I wasn't turned on. Looking back...they seem very erotic.

hard red rubber ball gag in the redhead's mouth

beauty in bed

I dont remember taking this photo but I certainly enjoy looking back on it

beauty in bed

it alays turns me on and turns my camera to her when a model does more than shower in the shower

she's gone that weekend...the place is Krollenized. so it goes

Friday, January 5, 2018

Kimberly Kane puts me in my place (Dave and Ori's bathroom in their house in Laurel Canyon in 2006)

me acting cocky with cigar in hand

I didnt know it then but I know it now. She was going to spit on me!

she did

note the Cuban cigar in my right hand

eating and smoking at the same time!

suddenly my stomach was having all the fun

Then she flipped me over and tried to force my head to the toilet seat!

epilogue :next thing  know she pretends nothing happened! 

I recover and compose myself and turn to leave and my friends were there the whole time!
how humiliating!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

no rhythm or reason

photos I wanted out there but instagram is tooooo tight ass

Kroll discovers his girlfriend Caprice with a cock in her ear (not his own)!

Serena takes a hit of her day old beer (back in 1977 I was the "specials" photographer for Paul Schrader's HARDCORE starring George C. Scott. Schrader wanted to use `real' porn people and real people. I asked pornstar Serena, the famous redhead with inverted nipples and former girlfriend of my friend Jamie Gillis, to spend the nite so I could shoot her by the surreal sunrise I noticed everyday staying at the Tropicana (home of Duke's cafe and the basis of the movie Eating Raoul) motel on Santa Monica blvd. In the morning while she slept I snapped some shots and then work her. She got out of bed, lit a cigarette butt and took a hit of her day old beer and that's when I took this shot.

I shot this while staying at my brother-in-laws all the way east on 57th st Manhattan. I had this image in my mind since reaching puberty and seeing these vintage shoe buffers.

When I was young (er). entitled "summer rental". East Marion, Long Island. 1988

Porche Lynn in her pool in Simi Valley, Ca. shot for Leg Show mag. assisted by my model/assistant Susan McNamara, who recently joined a long list of people who will no longer communicate with me. too bad. she was a good photographer toooo

Melanie in an Albuquerque b&b 

darn Georgia was so beautiful and sexy when she showed up at my how in Silver Lake. I didnt go to work (TASCHEN) that day

This is before I ruined my mother's house with beautiufl things. before Felice walked. this other beauty was from Sweden maybe. 2004

This I shot at Motel 6 off Hollywood blvd. (wheelchair) Bill Quinn did the fab rope work on Trincette. He married Marie and moved to Europe.

the moment the game changed

Yoko from SF. I met her walking next to me on Market in SF and introduced myself as a photographer and how I had met this rope bondage expert named Wolfe and would she be my model and she agreed and came over. we are still in contact decades 

the maid made the household decisions and I obeyed

Jayme Langford gets shaft from her fellow "nurse" at my simple home in Silver Lake. 2007

Jamie in a custome I had rented. We were friends in LA when I lived there in from 2006- 2009. I heard she had moved to the nor west. A serious blonde beauty

back in 2005 I had this fantasy that Ximenia was my rubber maid and I could once again could smoke cigars without peeing blood

April Flores on Dave and Ori's toilet at a party (that reads more risqué than it was...but maybe it was)